Saturday, July 13, 2024
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DEFIED Announced as Official Bronze Sponsor for the 10th Annual National Film Awards 2024


The National Film Awards today announced a sponsorship deal with DEFIED for the 10th annual prestigious awards which is set to take place on the 3rd July 2024 at Porchester Hall in London.

Defied is a luxury designer fashion brand, launched in December 2023, with a mission to empower women through the clothes they wear, utilizing sustainably sourced fabrics. The brand was founded by Emily Harbottle, who was inspired to create Defied after presenting her final collection at London Graduate Fashion Week. Despite being offered a prestigious designer job in New York City, Emily chose to stay in the UK and start her own fashion brand, driven by her passion for creating meaningful and luxurious clothing that empowers women.

Defied is designed to inspire women to defy societal expectations and embrace their true selves with confidence. Each piece is crafted in London, not only to ensure high quality and luxury but also to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint. Emily’s vision for Defied is to provide women with fashion that make them feel powerful and confident. The brand embodies the spirit of defiance and self-assurance, offering women the luxury and empowerment they deserve.

Emily’s debut collection draws inspiration from her childhood in the 80s and contemporary catwalk trends, featuring metallic fabrics and bat-winged dresses. Each dress is lined with premium power mesh, providing support and a luxurious feel. The collection includes succulent liquid gold premium fabric, high-quality silver foil breathable fabric, and luxury square knit fabrics, all sourced from deadstock. Notable details include a custom-branded gold button and double-sided velvet ribbon embellishments.

Founding Defied has been a transformative journey for Emily. As a gesture of goodwill, she pledges to donate 1% of all takings to charities that help individuals escape dangerous situations and improve their lives. Emily hopes her designs inspire women to become more sustainable fashion consumers, encouraging them to buy better quality, sustainably made clothing and reduce waste. Each Defied design is made to last, promoting timeless styles and opposing the “throwaway fashion” trend.

Promoting Sustainable Fashion, Defied encourage consumers to buy better quality, sustainably made fashion that lasts. To eventually help dimmish the “Throw away fashion” trends of today.

Emily Harbottle’s Defied is more than a fashion brand; it is a movement towards empowerment, sustainability, and timeless elegance, encouraging women to defy expectations and embrace their true selves.

DEFIED is not just a High-end Designer Fashion Brand, it has a purpose and a meaning! To empower women and give them confidence through the clothes they wear, to be who they really want to be, against all rules. To also teach women how they can wear luxurious clothing, sourced sustainably and made in London, by the finest craftsman.

Finally, DEFIED is delighted to sponsor this most prestigious 10th anniversary National Film Awards. Emily is a huge fan of the British Film Industry and supporting this event and the amazing people in it. She looks forward to an exciting event and a long-term business relationship with the National Film Awards.

Runnoo Mahima, Associate Brands Manager for the National Film Awards commented: “The National Film Awards is committed to providing a platform for exciting brands to be discovered by audience. Defied certainly fits the description of a brand that is both exciting, fun, and one that connects directly to our core demographic.”

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