Below is a full list of winners for the 2nd annual National Film Awards UK:

Best International Film
Kingsman- The Secret Service

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Best Comedy
Man up

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Best Action
Chasing Robert Barker

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Best Drama sponsored by Gold Collagen
A Reason to Leave

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Best Independent Feature
Never Let Go

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Best Documentary
The Hardstop

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Best Thriller
Dartmoor Killing

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Best British Film sponsored by Metcalfe’s Skinny
Rise of the Footsoldier II

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Best Actor sponsored by Angel Tears Vodka
Tom Hiddleston (High-Rise)

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Best Actress sponsored by Gold Collagen
Natalie Emmanuel (Fast and Furious 7)

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Best Director
Stephen Fingleton (The Survivalist)

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Best Screenplay
London Road

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Best Breakthrough Performance in a Film
John Boyega (Star Wars – The Force Awakens)

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Best Newcomer sponsored by Mokingo
Taron Egerton (Kingsman- The Secret Service)

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Best Foreign Language Film sponsored by InvestNation
Son of Saul (Hungary)

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Best Supporting actress sponsored by IUTTA
Alexandra Evans (Redistributors)

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Best Supporting actor
Samuel L Jackson (Kingsman- The Secret Service)

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Best Short Film

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Global Contribution to Motion Picture
Samuel L Jackson

Lifetime Achievement Award
Dame Helen Mirren


Winners for the 2015 National Film Awards included:

Best Comedy 2015 (sponsored by Tresor Paris)
What we did on our holiday

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Best Action 2015 (sponsored by Niccocino)
The Guvnors

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Best Drama 2015 sponsored by Pomarina

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Best Independent Feature 2015 (sponsored by King of the Booth)

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Best Documentary 2015 sponsored by
Now: In the wings on a world stage
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Best Thriller 2015

Black Sea

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Outstanding Achievement Awards 2015 sponsored by Zuricom

Idris Elba

Best Actress 2015 
Sameena Jabeen Ahmed

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Best Director 2015
Amma Asante

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Best Screenplay 2015 (sponsored by


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Best Newcomer 2015 (sponsored by Good Girls Club)
Harley Sylvester

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Best Short Film 2015

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Best International Film 2015
The Theory of Everything

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Best Actor 2015
Benedict Cumberbatch “The Imitation Game”
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Best Breakthrough Performance 2015

Gugu Mbatha-Raw “Belle”

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NFA Global Contribution to Motion Picture 2015
Gemma Jones

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Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Dame Judi Dench

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