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“Silver Sponsor Spotlight: Fattoria La Vialla OliPhenolia – Harnessing the Power of Biodynamics”


Fattoria La Vialla ( = Farm and Wine estate)  and the three generations of the Lo Franco family currently involved in running the family enterprise has been practicing a regenerative circular economy for 45 years without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, in harmony with and strengthening nature. The constructive agriculture La Vialla implements an interlocking system of principles and agricultural practices that pursue the goal of strengthening soil fertility, promoting biodiversity and producing healthy and nutrient-dense food and natural cosmetics.

OliPhenolia 2023

Fattoria La Vialla has proven that vertical, integrated biodynamic farming is possible on a large scale. It is an example of how agriculture can be successful without having to achieve profitability at the expense of the integrity of ecological life systems. Rather, they are systematically preserved, strengthened, and regenerated through active sustainable management.

Nature serves as a model for diversity instead of mono-structural concentration. Following this principle, the family business includes winegrowing, olive groves, animal husbandry, arable farming, vegetable growing, but also processing, packaging and direct sales to end consumers and sustainable tourism….and OliPhenolia.

Fattoria La Vialla uses a waste by-product from olive oil production (disposal of which is a complex environmental issue) and from it, purely by mechanical filtration, derives OliPhenolia®, a wholesome Olivewater-Extract rich in polyphenols that becomes an upcycled innovative ingredient for the OliPhenolia health shots and high-quality skincare range.

OliPhenolia, is a “product ” born from an ingenious intuition – it has to be said! – that combines the tradition of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil with innovation and sustainability, for the well-being of the human body. Its increasingly wide-ranging properties continue to be the focus of research in numerous fields and are officially recognised by the scientific community (for example the claim regarding the bioavailability of hydroxytyrosol in dietary supplements, which was certified last year).

The results, together with the encouraging feedback, make everyone at La Vialla proud to have believed in a project in which “good” agriculture has found acknowledgement in the most cutting-edge scientific research….

La Vialla’s OliPhenolia biodynamic agri-cosmetics have also continued their progress. Last year they began to make “appearances” in the world of international competitions, and the results obtained by the Fattoria La Vialla`s  “rustic” cosmetics were astounding!… OliPhenolia Intensive Serum, was named Overall Champion – Best Free From Skincare Product ( in London) as well as winning two gold medals in the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards 2023.

“Fattoria La Vialla is very excited to sponsor this year`s National Film Awards and present our very own OliPhenolia demeter certified agri- cosmetics. Farming and film might not seem like an obvious choice, but both require incredible dedication, perseverance, and commitment, as well as hard work with a sliver of good timing. We are delighted to be here.” Gianni, Antonio and Bandino Lo Franco, Fattoria La Vialla

“Fattoria La Vialla’s cosmetics are composed of between 60 and 90% of Demeter certified, biodynamic ingredients derived from olives cultivated in the heart of Italy, in particular OliPhenolia®. The remaining ingredients are also certified or permitted by Demeter. In the spirit of sustainability,

“Inspiring holistic philosophy. It corresponds perfectly to the current zeitgeist that innovations are created in and from closed cycles. Sustainability at its best!” (Nils Bader, director of the Green Future Club and founder of the Green Product Award and Green Concept Award)

This is a very important acknowledgement for Fattoria La Vialla , which attests to the ongoing commitment to demonstrating, in the field, the steadfast belief of the Viallini – respect for nature and commitment to sustainability can go hand in hand with high-quality products.


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