Heart of Suffolk signs Bronze Category Sponsorship for the National Film Awards 2021


The Heart of Suffolk Distillery was launched by husband and wife team Martyn and Karen Luke in February 2018 when a dream turned to reality.  Both are local to the heart of Suffolk with Karen growing up just a half a mile from where the distillery has been established.  Gin has been a passion of Karen’s for many years and more recently of Martyn’s and it was an easy decision when naming their signature product, to honour Betty, Karen’s mother, who shared the same love and enjoyment of a good quality gin. Karen remembers her mother being a proper Suffolk girl; straight-talking, strong-willed, and famed for her love of a really good gin.  Karen knows she would have been delighted to think that a bit of her legacy goes into every bottle they make.

The Bacton-based couple lovingly pot distil small batches of a London Dry style gin with nine carefully chosen hand-crushed botanicals to create the modern, unique, and refreshing taste.

The bijou distillery is based in Finbows Yard, Bacton, itself an independent Suffolk icon. It is open to the public and offers a relaxed and hospitable welcome for those wanting to enjoy a sample and purchase a bottle of the hand-crafted gin. Martyn and Karen have also sourced other products for the small retail unit which they believe will enhance the customers’ experience when they visit.

The clean line image which the Heart of Suffolk Distillery has strived for has been reflected in our signature gin. Betty’s Gin is a pot-distilled gin feeling modern, fresh and crisp to the palette.  It is styled on a London Dry Gin, has a slight orange undertone, and is best served with a slice of orange, a handful of ice, and a premium tonic water. This complements the nine carefully chosen botanicals that are used to create a unique, modern and refreshing taste.

Throughout the year, Heart of Suffolk Distillery will also be distilling and distributing limited-edition gins; further demonstrating the passion our family-run business has for producing high-quality products and exceeding customer expectations.

The Heart of Suffolk Distillery makes real gin for real people.  Each batch of around 65 bottles is hand-signed and numbered by master distiller Martyn who believes that when he signs each bottle he puts a piece of himself into each bottle.

If you love Suffolk you will love the Heart of Suffolk’s Betty’s Gin

To further expand their horizons, Heart of Suffolk Distillery has recently signed a one-year bronze sponsorship deal with the upcoming National Film Awards taking place in London on the 1st of July. 

For more info, check out their official Website or Instagram